All firearms are on request, so no changes or refunds are allowed.


For the purchase of firearms at BARRAGUN ARMAMENT, the buyer must send us his/her ID and firearms permit.

The purchasing system will force you to attach these documents before placing your order.

However, if an incident occurs with such documents or it is necessary to send attached documentation, it must be sent to

Shipment of firearms

All shipments of firearms will be made directly to the ‘Intervención de Armas de la Guardia Civil’ to which the buyer belongs, having to indicate the complete address of the same in the form available for that purpose during the purchase process.

Prior to the shipment of firearms, full advance payment will be required, regardless of the form chosen by the buyer.

BARRAGUN ARMAMENT can ship firearms to all territories of Spain, including the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. We also have the necessary licenses and permits for the international shipment of firearms, in which case, the buyer must contact in advance to consult the possibility and associated expenses.

Shipping costs

The price of the cost of shipping a firearm, to the ‘Intervención de Armas de la Guardia Civil’ indicated by the buyer, will be reflected in the purchase process, including the transportation permit.

The buyer must pay at the ‘Intervención de Armas de la Guardia Civil’ the fee corresponding to the guide of ownership of the firearm for its collection (the official price established for the current year can be consulted at


All firearms purchased from BARRAGUN ARMAMENT have a two-year warranty (except used or second-hand firearms, which will have a one-year warranty, unless a different period is expressly indicated).

In no case will the warranty cover breakdown or damage to the firearm as a result of falls, blows or improper, negligent use or not adjusted to the manufacturer's specifications.

During the warranty period, the buyer must contact BARRAGUN ARMAMENT to receive instructions on shipping and repair conditions.

The cost of shipping the firearm for repair will be paid by the customer, without the warranty covering them.

If you want to repair a firearm that is not under warranty, you can contact BARRAGUN ARMAMENT, as we have the necessary facilities and licenses for the repair of firearms.

Limits on the number of weapons

It is the responsibility of the purchaser of a firearm to know the limit of the number of firearms to which they are authorized to possess. If the buyer could not guide the firearm due to lack of space for it, it will be his/her responsibility to resolve such incident, without being able to claim the refund of money paid for the purchase.

Incidents and doubts

In case of incidents or doubts about the purchase of firearms, please contact BARRAGUN ARMAMENT, where we will be happy to help you.