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The HECKLER & KOCH SP5L carbine is the semi-automatic civilian version of the famous submachine gun MP5 of the German manufacturer used by the best elite police and military units around the world.

With a 421 mm barrel, the H&K SP5L carbine offers excellent precision, making it an ideal weapon for sport shooting. Also, its light weight of only 2.84 kg and its short overall length of only 87.4 cm, result in a very compact weapon and a light weight that favor its use in dynamic shooting disciplines.

The famous roller-delayed blowback bolt system - unique in weapons of its category - produces flawless operation of the firearms, with a unique reliability treasured over the years for its use in the most extreme conditions, also producing a very smooth recoil.

The 9mm caliber Parabellum H&K SP5L carbine is fully compatible with the wide range of accessories (stocks, magazines, mounts, handguards, ...) available for the world renowed MP5 submachine gun, with an ambidextrous safety lever.

The accessories and modifications that are reflected in the images are for informational purposes only and in no case will they be included.


- Semi-automatic carbine with roller-delayed blowback bolt system.

- 421 mm barrel length, 1:10 twist rate, prepared for the installation of muzzles with the 3-LUG system (exclusive to H&K).

- 2,840 grams of weight, with a total length of 874 mm.

- Great customization capacity through stocks, mounts, handguards, ...

- Excellent reliability and extraordinary precision.

- Ambidextrous safety lever with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

- 100% made in Germany.

Barrel length
42 cm.
9mm. Parabellum
Length (mm.)
Weight (g.)
Twist rate